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As Princess Grace of Monaco, the Oscar winning actress formerly known as Grace Kelly continued to touch the hearts of people around the world.  She was one of the first to shine the spotlight of her celebrity on important causes, such as the Red Cross, which she presided over in Monaco. She devoted her life to raising funds and awareness for charitable causes, such as refugees, hospitals, orphans, and children’s rights, and also to support the arts, culture and struggling artists. 

Her responsibilities as a real princess became a lifestyle with many demands and rewards. She personally was involved in planning many of the world-famous Balls and events in Monaco, and she called upon her celebrity friends like Frank Sinatra to perform for the illustrious guests at these high profile events to raise money for charity. 

The roles that were most important to her were those of wife and mother, and despite her demanding schedule as the wife of a Head of State, constantly entertaining dignitaries at the Palace of Monaco, she was devoted to her children. Nine months and four days after her wedding, she produced an heir to the throne – Princess Caroline. All of Monaco rejoiced, because the Principality would have been annexed by France without an heir. Fourteen months later, Prince Albert was born, and seven years after that came Princess Stephanie.

Princess Grace was – and still is  – much beloved by Monégasques who quickly “adopted” her.  From small children to the elderly, they all appreciated her genuine warmth, sincerity and ready smile. She genuinely enjoyed getting personally involved in local events, whether they be festive or charitable, mingling with the population. 

She took part in the everyday life of the Principality, distributing gifts in the Palace throne room to the Monégasque children at Christmastime or organizing play days for them with her own children in the Palace gardens, dedicating streets or inaugurating facilities, visiting the local hospital or simply walking her children to school. She instigated many programs and facilities to make life in Monaco even more enjoyable for its residents and visitors: children’s playgrounds, gardens, flower shows, ballet evenings, festivals and much more.

Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco


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