thumbnail September 13, 2017 Prince Albert of Monaco – Reflections Before Turning 60

The doors of Palace of Monaco opened for Graham Bessinger as he records Prince Albert’s thoughts on several topics from ruling Monaco and its banking secrecy… to Grand Prix Formula 1 and the Olympics… as well as  raising — Read more

thumbnail February 26, 2017 Oscar Losses

While there is one winner in each category at the Oscars… …as the night wears on, there are more and more losers… some take it better then others … some never recover AND THE OSCAR GOES TO…NOT — Read more

thumbnail November 12, 2016 1956 Grace Kelly Transitions

1956 marked another ‘it’ year for Grace Kelly.  1954 was the year of Grace Kelly,   1955 continued to define Grace Kelly, and 1956 provided the Grace Kelly climax – as she transitioned from playing a princess — Read more

thumbnail October 27, 2016 Grace Kelly home now owned by Prince Albert of Monaco

  Prince Albert of Monaco has a new American Home at 3901 Henry Avenue in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia, near the Schuylkill River and surrounded by Philadelphia University (that today incorporates the Ravenhill All-Girl Catholic — Read more

thumbnail April 12, 2016 Wedding Anniversary

   Grace Kelly Wedding Anniversary On April 19, 1956 the world tuned in to celebrate the marriage of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier of Monaco – a love that would last a lifetime.  To commemorate what would — Read more

thumbnail February 27, 2016 Memories of OSCARS

Every year, one of the most anticipated events are the OSCARS, when the Academy Awards celebrates Hollywood with its  most influential, most prestigious, and famous of film awards.  The night that all the stars come out — Read more

thumbnail December 10, 2015 Monaco Twins First Birthday

  Year 1 reviewed and 10 minute video interview with Prince Albert, Princess Charlene as well as Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques Monaco is in full joy as the Princely Family celebrates their babies’ first — Read more

thumbnail September 20, 2015 Emmy Nominated Grace of Monaco

The 2015 Emmy Awards celebrate the best achievements on television over the past year.  “Grace of Monaco” got in the running for Best Television Movie only due to its controversial and dramatic lead up.  Could this further Nicole Kidman’s — Read more

thumbnail September 14, 2015 1955 : Grace Kelly Defined

1955 was the year that defined Grace Kelly in history as predicted by the 1954 momentum.   The year 1955 started with “New York Film Critics Circle Awards” for which Grace Kelly won Best Actress for her 3 — Read more

thumbnail July 12, 2015 HSH Prince Albert’s Enthronement Anniversary

Prince Albert has much to celebrate – his accomplishments in the past 10 years since he has ascended to rule the Principality of Monaco are many, yet the media tends to focus more on his — Read more

thumbnail July 1, 2015 Prince Albert – Princess Charlene – Rare Monaco Wedding Video

Princess Charlene is stepping into Princess Grace’s shoes as she married Prince Albert II and becomes Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco. During Princess Grace days it was not all about the shoes and — Read more

thumbnail June 11, 2015 Grace Kelly, the Princess and Style Icon in Baku

There is a new invitation to discover the screen legend Grace Kelly and her life as Princess Grace, beyond the fairy tale. The Grace Kelly exhibit that originated in Monaco in 2007  has travelled to Paris (France), Moscow — Read more

thumbnail June 8, 2015 Netflix for Broken Grace of Monaco

As Grace of Monaco is released on Netflix, we take a look at what director Angelina Jolie may have created. In a recent interview, Angelina Jolie spoke about directing the film “Unbroken“, the true story of American hero/legend — Read more

thumbnail June 2, 2015 Grace of Monaco Fashion Show

Mute your TV, disregard the script…simply enjoy the fashion Grace of Monaco brought to you.   Costume designer  Gigi Lepage transforms Nicole Kidman into Grace of Monaco with Grace Kelly’s favorite clothing and accessories brands in keeping with — Read more

thumbnail May 29, 2015 Book Review: My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco

Princess Grace was the embodiment of a real life fairy tale, marrying a handsome prince, and living happily ever after. Since her tragic death, many books have been written speculating on her relationships and happiness, — Read more

thumbnail May 27, 2015 Grace of Monaco Red Cross Speech

As Grace Kelly’s country of origin sees the movie Grace of Monaco for the first time this week, many people are wondering if the speech Nicole Kidman gave towards the end of the movie really — Read more

thumbnail May 25, 2015 Grace of Monaco as seen by screenwriter Arash Amel

There are so many facets before what we see on the screen.  Writer of Grace of Monaco Arash Amel shared his take in relation to the new Lifetime USA version.  The attached document contains many — Read more

thumbnail May 24, 2015 …. A Lifetime to Remember …. or Not

The May 25, 2015 Grace of Monaco USA Lifetime premiere meets a similar fate to the reviews after it was shown at the Cannes Film Festival over a year ago. Here is a sampling of — Read more

thumbnail May 20, 2015 Grace Kelly 1955 Cannes Film Festival

While 1954 was touted as the Year of Grace Kelly, nobody could have foreseen how 1955 would have shaped up.   On March 7th, 1955, Grace Kelly was suspended from her acting contract by MGM — Read more

thumbnail May 18, 2015 Grace of Monaco Movie Program Companion Guide

The once much anticipated Grace of Monaco movie that opened  the 2014 Cannes Film Festival will be premiering in the USA on May 25, 2015 on Lifetime Network.   Enrich your viewing experience by downloading this Grace of — Read more

thumbnail May 7, 2015 Monaco Twins Baptism

Live Televised Broadcast of Monaco Baptism (Click above to start full replay of Monaco Twins christening ceremony of May 10, 2015 – or watch summary video below) FIRST PHOTOS OF MONACO TWINS BAPTISM   Exactly — Read more

thumbnail May 5, 2015 Royal Baby Match Made in Heaven : Princess Charlotte & Prince Jacques

Here are snippets of a possible match between Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (Princess of the United Kingdom) and His Serene Highness Prince Jacques (The Hereditary Prince of Monaco, Marquis of Baux) In many cultures — Read more

thumbnail April 18, 2015 The Wedding in Monaco – Official Grace Kelly Wedding Video

We have to thank MGM for archiving such historical moments. Do you realize that before the advent of television, we would only have kept these memorable moments via photos.  And before the advent of cameras, we — Read more

thumbnail April 17, 2015 Princess Grace Wedding Video – Rare Footage

Grace Kelly transforms into Princess Grace in what was the first ‘televised’ wedding of the century.  Rare wedding video footage remains in archives like these silent movie clips:  Rare Wedding Video Footage (No Sound & — Read more

thumbnail April 8, 2015 Grace of Monaco (Nicole Kidman) straight to TV in USA

USA audiences have been patiently anticipating the release of Nicole Kidman’s “Grace of Monaco” only to now find out that it will go straight to television, almost a year after its world release at the — Read more

thumbnail April 6, 2015 Prince Rainier, remembering the man behind the Principality of Monaco

Prince Rainier of Monaco was once the most eligible bachelor in the world until he married Hollywood royalty, Grace Kelly. Together  they embarked on the transformation of the tiny principality into the jewel of the — Read more

thumbnail March 2, 2015 Princess Grace of Monaco in Canada

 According to the new book, “My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco”, when Princess Grace first visited Canada for the Montreal Expo in 1967, it ended with a tragic miscarriage that prevented her from having — Read more

thumbnail February 18, 2015 Grace Kelly Beyond the Oscars

  1954 may have been the Year of Grace but in 1955 Grace Kelly won her Oscar and in 1956 she became a Princess, both on screen (as Princess Alexandra in the Swan) and in real — Read more

thumbnail January 12, 2015 White Glove Godess

Grace Kelly has been described as an icon with “intertwined qualities: white-gloved ingénue, elegant goddess, passionate—and frankly sexual—romantic”.  Even today, her image graces the pages of magazines and current movie stars continue to be compared — Read more

thumbnail January 6, 2015 Official Presentation of Monaco Twin Babies

  In keeping with centuries-old tradition, the ‘royal’ Monaco twins,  Jacques Honoré Rainier and his sister Gabriella Thérèse Marie, perform their first official obligation on January 7, 2015 as they are presented from the Palace balcony to the — Read more

thumbnail December 30, 2014 1954 The Year of Grace Kelly

    The cover of the April 26, 1954 issue of Life Magazine, states: GRACE KELLY – HOLLYWOOD’S BRIGHTEST AND BUSIEST NEW STAR and reads as follows: Hollywood’s Hottest Property Movies will soon be full — Read more

thumbnail December 24, 2014 Prince Albert of Monaco & Twins

More is revealed about the magical birth of the Monaco twins as Prince Albert shares his own experiences in a special edition – published on Christmas.   Monseigneur, what was your day like on December — Read more

thumbnail December 23, 2014 Christmas at the Palace of Monaco

There are Christmas traditions at the Palace of Monaco that are still taking place today as in Princess Grace’s time.   Prince Albert participated in these as a young child… and still carries on Christmas — Read more

thumbnail December 16, 2014 Princess Charlene first interview after birth of Monaco twins

There has always been a strong association between French magazine Paris Match and the Princely Family of Monaco.  Princess Grace appeared many times on the cover, as has every member of the Grimaldi family.  The — Read more

thumbnail December 14, 2014 Monaco Twins

(See also Monaco Twins First Birthday) After Princess Charlene gave birth to twins in Monaco on December 10, 2014 , a number of preparations are taking place.  Major events like on  January 7, 2015 when the new heirs — Read more

thumbnail December 10, 2014 Princess Charlene of Monaco Gives Birth

Prince Albert is thankful for all the good wishes.. Monaco  officially happy as Princess Charlene gives birth to twins on Dec 10, 2014.  Twins officially confirmed by the Palace:  a boy and a girl – — Read more

thumbnail December 3, 2014 Princess Charlene Twin Pregnancy

Princess Charlene Due Early – Birth Imminent December will be a momentous month in Monaco as Princess Charlene will deliver the next heir to Prince Albert, present ruler of Monaco.   The Palace’s joy extends — Read more

thumbnail November 30, 2014 Brilliant Denver Cartier Exhibit

World renowned Paris-based jeweler Cartier has a long relationship with royalty and celebrities.  A new exhibition in Denver, USA (until March 15th 2015)  will feature some extraordinary jewels that belonged to Princess Grace, Elizabeth Taylor, — Read more

thumbnail November 25, 2014 Monaco Was Almost Perfect : 2014 French Documentary

This newest documentary may not have any ‘new’ information, but even the most dedicated Grace Kelly fan will see images they have never seen before.  This is why the new book “My Days with Princess Grace — Read more

thumbnail November 12, 2014 Happy Birthday

  7 ways to celebrate the Birthday ofGrace Kelly, Princess Grace of Monaco  1. New Insights:Released in 2014, “My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco” offers new insights into the life of Grace Kelly after — Read more

thumbnail October 31, 2014 Halloween costumes? Grace Kelly or Princess Grace for real

  “For Halloween, there was a fabulous costume party for the children in the afternoon, while the mothers sipped champagne in the evening. Grace created a terrific Chamber of Horrors at the Palace, to the — Read more

thumbnail October 19, 2014 Princess Grace Movie

 Panned to Death:  “Grace of Monaco”  Movie renamed “Princess Grace” – but can it salvage Nicole Kidman’s career? What do you do when a movie has been panned to death, like Grace of Monaco? …Rename — Read more

thumbnail October 7, 2014 2014 Princess Grace US Awards (PGF-USA)

The 2014 Princess Grace Foundation Awards Gala is geared to be the most star-studded event as it returns to Los Angeles where Grace Kelly reigned as hollywood royalty in the mid 1950’s.   Glee star Jane — Read more

thumbnail September 22, 2014 Grace of Monaco Movie Posters

Rare look at the progression of the Grace of Monaco movie poster, from its very obscure first posting  by Weinstein in May 2012 before most of the world even knew Nicole Kidman was going to play — Read more

thumbnail September 16, 2014 Grace of Monaco in Japan

  Classic Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn have an unparalleled following today in Japan as today’s Japanese culture continues to be enthralled by these western icons.  Grace Kelly holds a particular place — Read more

thumbnail September 14, 2014 Prince Albert remembers ‘Grace Kelly’

  Today, the world remembers Grace Kelly, Princess Grace of Monaco: Birth: November 12, 1929, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Death: September 14, 1982, Monte Carlo, Monaco   5 ways to Honor Princess Grace Kelly In words: special tribute My Days with Princess — Read more

thumbnail September 9, 2014 Grace Kelly Tributes

Remembering Princess Grace Kelly Ever since the death of Princess Grace in 1982, yearly tributes surface honoring Grace.  Here is a collection of (Princess) Grace Kelly Tributes:     Please Share — Read more

thumbnail September 2, 2014 Grace of Monaco Movie – U.S.A. release

  Will America ever see Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly in theaters? The future of Grace of Monaco in question as DVD goes on sale Back in May 2014 the Grace of Monaco movie starring — Read more

thumbnail August 28, 2014 Grace of Monaco Blu Ray

    The U.S. release date for the Grace of Monaco movie to hit North American theaters is still unknown, however, the Grace of Monaco Blu Ray is being released on October 13, 2014 in — Read more

thumbnail August 19, 2014 Grace of Monaco costume dress exhibition

  In conjunction with the October 19th Grace of Monaco movie release, Japan has rolled out a Grace of Monaco Costume Exhibition presenting the dresses Nicole Kidman wore in the 2014 Grace of Monaco film, with the highlight — Read more

thumbnail August 9, 2014 Grace of Monaco DVD

  UPDATE:  Grace of Monaco DVD (re-titled Princess Grace)  is now available for North America DVD players – via Amazon Canada The Grace of Monaco DVD release date is set for October 13th through Amazon UK.  You can — Read more

thumbnail July 26, 2014 Princess Grace Last Interview

A beautiful gift to humanity is what the last interview with Princess Grace has been called as it uncanningly took place just months before her untimely death in September of 1982.  Princess Grace reflects on her — Read more

thumbnail July 11, 2014 Grace Kelly, Princess & Style Icon

  A new Grace Kelly exhibition (2014) is taking place at the Palace Het Loo in the Netherlands, showcasing  clothes, accessories, film clips, and photographs to bring to life the unique story of the fascinating — Read more

thumbnail June 19, 2014 Nicole Kidman Birthday Surprise with Grace of Monaco

     There is no doubt that Nicole Kidman is a beautiful woman, even as she turns 47 on June 20. Regardless of the comments about botox at the Cannes film festival, or rumors of breast — Read more

thumbnail June 11, 2014 Monte-Carlo Television Festival

For over 50 years, the Monte-Carlo Television Festival has been bringing TV fans and television industry professionals to Monaco to honor and recognize television programs on a world-wide scale. The multi-day Festival, usually taking place — Read more

thumbnail June 10, 2014 New York Film Critics Awards – Grace Kelly

  1954 was Grace Kelly’s Year.  Here is a rare interview conducted for NBC Radio by Sydney Smith – whose style is also timeless.   1954 New York Film Critics Circle Awards (taking place in — Read more

thumbnail June 5, 2014 Close Friend reviews Grace of Monaco

This Grace of Monaco movie review was just posted on Facebook by a close friend of Princess Grace …and someone who was actually there at the time the events depicted in the movie took place: — Read more

thumbnail June 1, 2014 The Kelly Bag

It’s probably the most famous bag in the world, and one of just a few called by its first name.  The “Kelly” bag is named after the actress Grace Kelly, who used one of her two — Read more

thumbnail May 29, 2014 Grace of Monaco Soundtrack

  Enjoy 22  music tracks from the Grace of Monaco movie, including 2 chills-enducing renditions from Maria Callas that exemplify why she was considered one of the greatest operatic divas who ever lived.  (not to be confused — Read more

thumbnail May 24, 2014 Monaco Grand Prix with Grace

    Monaco Grand Prix One of the most anticipated races in the Formula 1 circuit is the Monaco Grand Prix known as the slowest and most difficult of all circuits because it takes place — Read more

thumbnail May 22, 2014 Grace of Monaco Movie Clips

You have seen the Grace of Monaco Movie Trailer, you have  witnessed the 2014 Cannes Film Festival opening, you have heard the drama around Grace of Monaco, you have been made aware of the real — Read more

thumbnail May 17, 2014 Princess Caroline thoughts on Grace of Monaco

    In an interview on (The Green Room with Orla Barry) we get the first public glimpse at Her Royal Highness, Princess Caroline’s thoughts on Grace of Monaco … via Jeffrey Robinson (author of — Read more

thumbnail May 15, 2014 Harvey Weinstein sought refuge away from Cannes

Harvey Weinstein was conspicuously absent from the Cannes premiere of “Grace of Monaco” due to a prior commitment. According to an exclusive article in Variety today, Harvey Weinstein was not able to attend the premiere — Read more

thumbnail May 14, 2014 Grace of Monaco Reviews

  The World Responds : Grace of Monaco Reviewed A collection of Grace of Monaco reviews after the Cannes Film Festival Opening: You may also be interested in:Grace of Monaco Movie Program Companion Guide Grace — Read more

thumbnail May 14, 2014 Grace of Monaco opening day at Cannes

After much drama, Grace of Monaco is finally opening at Cannes 2014.  (The real story unfolding)  Initial Reviews for Grace of Monaco   Recap of Grace of Monaco Red Carpet at Cannes 2014   The — Read more

thumbnail May 13, 2014 Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly

  Don’t Blame Nicole Kidman for GRACE OF MONACO “When I first heard that Nicole Kidman would be playing Princess Grace, I was thrilled to think that the Oscar-winning actress would do justice to her — Read more

thumbnail May 10, 2014 Mother Figure

Princess Grace Mother’s Day Pictorial Homage         Now Guess who is who?           My Mom, Princess Grace Courtesy of Grace Kelly was the ultimate Hitchcock blonde: cool, — Read more

thumbnail May 8, 2014 Princess Charlene Pregnancy

  Princess Charlene is pregnant…this is the way the news unfolded: March 2014: Princess Charlene wants a Royal Baby : “I want Motherhood very much” – Vanity Fair   May 30, 2015 : Tweet for Twins — Read more

thumbnail May 1, 2014 Grace of Monaco Movie Failed Release

Weinstein vs. Dahan American vs French With The Butler,  My week with Marilyn, The King’s Speech, and Mandela, Harvey Weinstein is trying to leave a bit of a historical record in film to which Olivier — Read more

thumbnail April 22, 2014 Green Heart Monaco

  Prince Albert of Monaco has become a role model in the environmental movement – his personal and business practices have earned him a nick-name as the “Green” Prince.   One of the emerging eco-technologies — Read more

thumbnail April 19, 2014 Grace Kelly Wedding : Behind the Scenes

  Exclusive look at behind the scenes of the Grace Kelly wedding with Prince Rainier on April 19, 1956 in Monaco. Courtesy of Mammoth Book of Journalism More on the Grace Kelly Wedding to Prince — Read more

thumbnail April 10, 2014 Grace di Monaco – Italy (Italiano)

April 10 – Italian trailer for Grace di Monaco released (Italiano).  The Grace di Monaco Movie will be released in Italy on May 15, 2014     More info at Grace di Monaco’s Italian Movie Distributor : — Read more

thumbnail April 1, 2014 DVD Grace Kelly Collection

  GRACE KELLY COLLECTION Six Films for the First Time in One DVD Collection with Hollywood Co-Stars Clark Gable, Cary Grant, William Holden, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra & Ava Gardner  Mogambo  Dial M for Murder The Country — Read more

thumbnail April 1, 2014 Grace of Monaco – Germany (Deutsch)

April 1, 2014 – German trailer for Grace of Monaco released (auf Deutsch).  Grace of Monaco Movie to be released in Germany on May 15, 2014  German Grace of Monaco Movie Trailer   German Grace of — Read more

thumbnail March 28, 2014 Monaco Rose Ball

                  International high society gathers in Monaco every Spring for the famous Rose Ball.  Created in 1954,  the “Bal de la Rose” was put on the map by — Read more

thumbnail March 26, 2014 Grace de Monaco Trailer – Spain (Spanish)

Grace of Monaco Sinopsis La película evoca un momento de la vida de la actriz estadounidense Grace Kelly (encarnada por Nicole Kidman), convertida en Gracia de Mónaco tras casarse con el príncipe Rainiero III (Tim Roth) — Read more

thumbnail March 16, 2014 The Irish in Grace Kelly

  Timeless more than 60 years later – Grace Kelly in 1954 MGM photo shoot (Gene Lester)  for St. Patrick’s Day       Saint Patrick’s Day in Monaco To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and reassert — Read more

thumbnail March 14, 2014 Grace de Monaco – France (Francais)

Mar 13 – French Grace de Monaco Trailer released Synopsis : Lorsqu’elle épouse le Prince Rainier en 1956, Grace Kelly est alors une immense star de cinéma, promise à une carrière extraordinaire. Six ans plus — Read more

thumbnail March 13, 2014 Happy Birthday Prince Albert of Monaco

  A Year in the Life of Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco  March 14, 2014 marks Prince Albert’s 56th birthday. His conscientious commitment to the environment and his official duties as Prince of Monaco — Read more

thumbnail March 6, 2014 2014 Grace of Monaco Movie Trailer, Poster, Photos & More

Shrouded in mystery for months, we are finally shown some scenes of Nicole Kidman’s Grace of Monaco.  Last Fall there was a teaser movie trailer  and in January of this year a ‘teaser’ movie poster — Read more

thumbnail February 17, 2014 Monaco Anthem

  The origin of the Monegasque national anthem dates back to 1841 when Theophile Bellando and collaborated with Mr. Castil-Blaze to create the new national song.  Decades later Charles Albrecht modified it to the more presently recognized hymn — Read more

thumbnail February 9, 2014 New Grace of Monaco Photos Released

As we get closer to the release dates for Grace of Monaco movie…enjoy these teaser new photos featuring Nicole Kidman as Princess Grace:   FOLLOW US ON TWITER FOR THE 50 PHOTO COUNTDOWN See more — Read more

thumbnail February 7, 2014 Cartier and Princess Grace

Nothing gives the impression of a princess more than jewels, and when the premier crafter of jewelry like Cartier is involved, you are bound to be dazzled beyond your wildest dreams.  As Grace Kelly, she shined like a — Read more

thumbnail February 1, 2014 Grace Kelly & Fashion Illustration

 Why fashion illustration? This was the only method of distributing fashion information for centuries.  Paintings , prints, and drawings were the only visual methods of documenting fashion until the 1850s, with the advent of the — Read more

thumbnail January 29, 2014 Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy

  HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco awards 2014 The Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy  Monte Carlo, January 28, 2014 — The Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy has been awarded to Clara Miller, CEO of — Read more

thumbnail January 25, 2014 Princess Charlene Birthday

Happy Birthday Princess Charlene of Monaco! As Princess Charlene celebrates her birthday January 25, 2014, it has now been two and a half years since she became Princess of Monaco. It might be every girl’s dream — Read more

thumbnail January 24, 2014 Grace of Monaco at Cannes Film Festival

Grace Kelly returns to Cannes as Grace of Monaco (see updated post:  Grace of Monaco Opening Day at Cannes)   After much drama in the making of Grace of Monaco, it is now official that Grace — Read more

thumbnail January 18, 2014 International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo

  Every January, Monaco hosts the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo featuring the best circus acts in the world – covering a multitude of performances over ten day period.  The acts are judged by a — Read more

thumbnail January 9, 2014 Monaco – USA Ties

The bond between Monaco and USA goes even further than the marriage of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainier in 1956.   Prince Albert I, married  Alice Heine in  1889 – an heiress from New Orleans (with German ancestry just like — Read more

thumbnail December 17, 2013 Nicole Kidman in Vanity Fair Channels Grace Kelly

A State of Grace Vanity Fair was expecting to ride the wave of  the Grace Of Monaco film by featuring Nicole Kidman as Grace on its cover coinciding with the original release of the movie on — Read more

thumbnail December 8, 2013 Grace Kelly Wall Calendar – Gift of Grace

GRACE KELLY WALL CALENDAR For a graceful year ahead, you can enjoy Grace on a daily basis… with a beautiful wall calendar put out with permission from the Princess Grace Foundation. This calendar features 12 — Read more

thumbnail November 19, 2013 Grace Kelly and JFK Interview : Setting the Record Straight

Many people may think that May 24, 1961 was the first time that Grace Kelly met JFK but this is not true … their first meeting was quite amusing.  However, May 24, 1961 is when — Read more

thumbnail November 12, 2013 Happy Birthday Grace Kelly

   Grace Kelly Birth Date : November 12, 1929 Grace was a Scorpio woman, who was fascinated by astrology and people’s birth signs, believing that the different signs of the Zodiac have certain characteristics and — Read more

thumbnail November 11, 2013 A Graceful Day – starting at Grace Kelly’s Home

  Directions from Grace Kelly’s Home to the Grace Kelly Exhibit Between Washington DC and New York City , make Philadelphia your departure point for a graceful day to re-discover Grace Kelly.  Start your journey at 3901 — Read more

thumbnail November 10, 2013 NBC Today interviews Prince Albert on Grace Kelly exhibit

As featured on the Today Show, NBC’s Kate Snow reports on superstar actress Grace Kelly that became famous for her roles in 3 Alfred Hitchcock movies, and became even more popular after she married Prince — Read more

thumbnail November 9, 2013 21 Generations of Grace Kelly Ancestry

Ancestors of Grace Patricia Kelly (ancestry compiled by José Verheecke in German and Dutch language)      1. Grace Patricia KELLY °Philadelphia(Penn) 12.11.1929 +Monaco 14.9.1982 xMonaco 19.4.1956 Rainier III,Pce de Monaco ancestors 1-15:ICC1983:445-446,930-931 2. John Brendan — Read more

thumbnail November 8, 2013 Princess Grace Foundation Awards

Princess Grace Foundation Story – see on Vimeo if above video does not play     Princess Grace Foundation : Awards for Performing Artists During Her lifetime, H.S.H. Princess Grace of Monaco was deeply committed — Read more

thumbnail October 30, 2013 Princess Grace Returns Home With “From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly Beyond the Icon”

You can get a taste of the real Grace Kelly in an exhibition that has traveled across the continents to make its only landing in the United States near Philadelphia.    “From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace — Read more

thumbnail October 27, 2013 Prince Albert Invites you to see “Grace Kelly, Beyond the Icon” in the USA

Prince Albert, the only son of Grace Kelly / Princess Grace, and ruler of the tiny principality of Monaco – the size of New York’s Central Park, extends a special invitation to everyone in the United — Read more

thumbnail October 5, 2013 Tatiana following the footsteps of Princess Grace of Monaco

     The steps from the Palace Courtyard have become iconic themselves and Princess Grace has made them memorable on numerous occasions.  On August 31, 2013 the steps of the palace welcomed the daughter-in-law of — Read more

thumbnail October 1, 2013 ‘Grace Of Monaco’ is being released on Prince Albert’s Birthday

The new release date for the Grace of Monaco movie is now set for March 14th which happens to be Prince Albert’s birthday.  But don’t count on Nicole Kidman to be singing Happy Birthday to — Read more

thumbnail September 23, 2013 Reason for Grace Of Monaco Movie Delay

Originally “Grace of Monaco” was intended for a 2014 release but after the Cannes Film Festival, the excitement took over and The Weinstein Company wanted to position its leading star, Nicole Kidman, as an Oscar — Read more

thumbnail September 16, 2013 Grace of Monaco Trailer

See all  the new Grace of Monaco movie poster, latest news and release dates.   UK  Grace of Monaco Trailer (Teaser) Sep 2013 This one minute Grace of Monaco movie trailer was just released by Warner — Read more

thumbnail August 27, 2013 Grace of Monaco’s Grandson Andrea Casiraghi Ready for Wedding

Back on July 5th, 2013, Princess Caroline of Monaco announced the engagement of her son Andrea Casiraghi to his longtime girlfriend Tatiana Santo Domingo, a half-Brazilian, half-Colombian heiress. Prince Andrea is 27 years old and — Read more

thumbnail August 22, 2013 Grace Kelly : Dial M for Murder 3D

Dial M for Murder with Grace Kelly released in 3D Made in 1953 during Hollywood’s first, brief flirtation with 3D, Dial M for Murder is a version of Frederick Knott’s popular West End and Broadway — Read more

thumbnail August 20, 2013 Fit for a princess : Grace Kelly Museum Exhibition

New Grace Kelly museum exhibition pays tribute to the world’s ultimate style maven Grace Kelly Museum Exhibition in Canada and USA: Grace Kelly was barely 18 in 1947 when she left Philadelphia to embark on — Read more