Making of the Grace of Monaco Movie – Review


From script to movie can take years.  As there is no Official Grace of Monaco website, here is  a timeline reviewing some significant events regarding the making of the Grace of Monaco movie, featuring Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly / Princess Grace. You may also be interested in The Drama behind Grace of Monaco and The Real Story of Princess Grace.

Grace of Monaco 1st Movie Poster

2015- Grace of Monaco Timeline Review

Grace of Monaco new Movie Release Date: Opening Cannes Film Festival  May 14, 2014…and in most of Europe (and the rest of the World in May/June) however, the Grace of Monaco will not make it to the movie screens as it will make it USA release on Lifetime Network on May 25, 2015 (Memorial Day)   See Grace of Monaco Movie coverage you will not see anywhere.

Grace of Monaco Movie Poster

(December 09, 2015) Nicole Kidman receives SAG Awards nomination for Grace of Monaco

(July 16, 2015) Grace of Monaco lands Emmy nomination for Outstanding Television Movie

(June 8, 2015) Grace of Monaco on Netflix USA – What would Angelina Jolie have done as director?

(May 25, 2015) Grace of Monaco premieres in USA – with screenwriter live tweeting & Enrich your experience with the Grace of Monaco Movie Program Companion Guide

(May 18, 2015) Lifetime releases its own version of Grace of Monaco – see new Grace of Monaco Movie Trailer / Previews

Lifetime Grace of Monaco

(Apr 07, 2015)  Weinstein’s Cannes Opener ‘Grace of Monaco’ Goes to Lifetime TV

(Mar 03, 2015) Canada release Grace of Monaco on DVD & Blu-ray  as “Princess Grace”

(January 26, 2015) USA producer Harvey Weinstein explains what happen to Grace of Monaco

 (January 2015) Grace of Monaco DVD (re-titled Princess Grace)  made available for North America DVD players – via Amazon Canada


2014- Grace of Monaco Timeline Review

(December 22, 2014)  Canada skips theaters offering Grace of Monaco as “Princess Grace” on iTunes  as Prince Albert celebrates first photos with Monaco twins

Princess Grace Movie Poster

(November 12, 2014) 7 ways to celebrate Grace Kelly

(October 13, 2014) DVD & Blu Ray Grace of Monaco releases in UK – book killed USA release?

(October 3, 2014)  Grace of Monaco to shed its bad reviews gets renamed Princess Grace

(September 29, 2014) iTunes starts releasing Grace of Monaco (country specific)  USA plans after Japan

(September 14, 2014)  First North America showing of Grace of Monaco at Atlantic Film Festival & 5 ways to Honor Grace Kelly

(September 2014) Grace of Monaco USA release now scheduled for first week in December 2014

(August 2014) The future of Grace of Monaco in question as Japan focuses on its premiere

(July 2014) Grace Kelly DVD Collection released &  Grace of Monaco DVD release announced for UK on October 13

(June 2014) Nicole Kidman Birthday Wish and Grace of Monaco box office results & producer’s talk

(May 29, 2014) Director Olivier Dahan explains his thinking while Nicole Kidman refuses to read the vitriol

(May  26, 2014)  Nicole Kidman defends herself & Nicole Kidman puts family first 

(May 17, 2014) Grace of Monaco Reviews & Weinstein insights on Monaco royal family problem

(May 14, 2014)  Opening Day at Cannes  & Weinstein confirms USA distribution for Grace of Monaco

(May  12, 2014)  Princess Stephanie words, Princess Grace true story, Grace of Monaco producer story

(May 08, 2014) Exploring Grace of Monaco and Nicole Kidman’s reaction

(May 02, 2014) Grace of Monaco writer Arash Amel sheds some light on the long-running dispute

(May 02, 2014) Palace of Monaco calls biopic  a “farce” 

(May 01, 2014) French – American drama dissected

(April 28, 2014) Weinstein considers dropping Grace of Monaco USA distribution rights

(April 02, 2014) Prince Albert furious – will not see Nicole Kidman / Grace of Monaco premiere

(March 06, 2014)  New Movie Poster and Grace of Monaco Trailer  Released

(March 04, 2014)  Grace of Monaco ready to show in screening room in Los Angeles

(February 2014) New Photos featuring Nicole Kidman released

Grace of Monaco - New Release

(January 24, 2014 ) Grace of Monaco to open Cannes Film Festival

(January 2014)  Dispute continues between Director and Movie Distributor…pending new release

Nicole Kidman as Princess Grace


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2013- Grace of Monaco Timeline Review

(October 2013) ‘Grace of Monaco’ Director Fighting with Harvey Weinstein over editing

(October 1, 2013)  Prince Albert’s birthday, March 14, announced as release date for Grace of Monaco

(September 23, 2013) Why Grace of Monaco movie release date has been pushed to 2014

(September 16, 2013) First Movie Trailer of Grace of Monaco

(June 2013)  Studio moves Grace Kelly biopic “Grace of Monaco” to Thanksgiving

Grace of Monaco set for Thanksgiving 2013

(May 2013) Weinstein plans for Grace of Monaco at the Cannes Film Festival

(March 2013)  Release date set for Oscar contender movie – December 27, 2013

(February 2013) First Look at Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly in GRACE OF MONACO

(February 24, 2013) Weinstein to acquire GRACE OF MONACO

(January 16, 2013) The Palace of Monaco denounces Grace of Monaco as ‘pure fiction’

(January 2013) Filming continues in Paris and in Genoa, Italy where the Royal Palace (Museum)  in Via Balbi serves a double for the Palace of Monaco’s Galerie de Glace (Hall of Mirrors)

UK DailyMail - Grace of Monaco - Scoop

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2012- Grace of Monaco Timeline Review

(December 2012)  Filming in Brussels, Belgium (Parliament will act as Prince Rainier’s office)

(November 2012)  Filming in Genoa, Italy

(October 29-30, 2012) Monaco grants 24 hour  permit to film in and around the Monte-Carlo Casino

(October 2012) Filming near Ventimiglia, Italy –  in Grimaldi and Montrola (Villa Hunbary)

(September 2012) Production of film begins in Paris, and Menton, France

(September 2012) Parker Posey and Milo Ventimiglia revealed in GRACE OF MONACO

(August 2012)  Tim Roth joins Nicole Kidman as stars in GRACE OF MONACO
                            Paz Vega to Play Maria Callas in GRACE OF MONACO
                            Frank Langella Join GRACE OF MONACO
                            Derek Jacobi Refines GRACE OF MONACO

(July 2012) Casting begins for Grace of Monaco in Paris, Belgium and Monaco

(April 2012)  A star has finally been chosen to lead the Grace Kelly biopic Grace of Monaco


Grace of Monaco 2011

2011 – Grace of Monaco Timeline Review

28 actresses that could play Grace Kelly

Grace of Monaco  makes the Black List,  the annual list of the most popular “unproduced” screenplays of 2011. 

Grace Kelly Film in the Works (co-produced by Uday Chopra of Yash Raj Films, Pierre-Ange le Pogam and Arash Amel)


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