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Lifetime released their own version of Grace of Monaco Movie Trailer Teaser via Twitter and then released a longer Grace of Monaco Preview via Yahoo.   See how they match up to the original Grace of Monaco Movie Trailer from Warner Brothers

 Another LifeTime Premiere Grace of Monaco Trailer for USA

 Lifetime Television audience is focused on women and its Grace of Monaco’ Preview features Nicole Kidman as  Grace Kelly (Princess Grace) fighting with her husband Prince Rainier.  You will also notice a new font on the Grace of Monaco Movie title which may allude to premiering a different version than what the rest of the world has seen (edited under the direction of Olivier Dahan).  

Lifetime Grace of Monaco


Lifetime has reclassified the Grace of Monaco movie as a drama/romance, instead of officially calling it a biopic – however, the press continues to erroneously call it a biopic, and people watching it may assume it is a factual biographical film. Other than using the names of actual people, there is very little truth to this movie, as is evident to anyone who reads the behind-the-scenes true story in “My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco”

Enrich your experience with the Grace of Monaco Movie Program Companion Guide

Grace of Monaco Companion Movie Guide



Lifetime will show Grace of Monaco several time – check the latest Lifetime listing while Netflix will be showing it on demand (starting June 8)

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