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MGM-The Wedding in Moncao

We have to thank MGM for archiving such historical moments. Do you realize that before the advent of television, we would only have kept these memorable moments via photos.  And before the advent of cameras, we would have recorded events via the written word, and even before the printing presses, we would have resorted to oral history.  So we remain thankful to companies like MGM that had the foresight to capture these historical treasures in showcasing the newest technology of the day (CinemaScope & Color)  and to individuals like Joan Dale that had the inclination to share memories via the book “My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco”

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Get to know the real Princess Grace

My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco Promo

This memoir and the MGM documentary film of Grace and Rainier’s wedding tell the true story of their love and commitment to one another, as opposed to the fictionalized drama in the film Grace of Monaco (starring Nicole Kidman & Tim Roth) that distorts every aspect of their history and their character. At least there is a true historical record to show how false this supposed “biopic” really is.


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